Food. Love.

Savor memories in every bite with ethical and beautifully prepared farm-to-table cuisine by Chef Devon Davis

Our Intention

We offer unforgettable dining experiences to our clients traveling to the tropical havens of Santa Teresa and Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Our approach involves crafting each meal consciously, using locally sourced organic produce and ethically line-caught fish to protect and restore our shared earth, air, and oceans.

Meet the Chef Devon Davis

Born in Wisconsin, Devon’s lifetime love of tropical lifestyle, sustainablility, and spearfishing began when he relocated to Maui Hawaii. Passionate about the use of coconuts, ethically caught seafood and tropical freshness formed his unique style for creative dishes that are not only visually stunning but healthful, sustainable, and unforgettably delicious. 

Each bite of Devon's creations is memorable, and exquisite and tastes of his signature "Más Amor" - his love of the art of food, travel, and eating consciously.

mas amor chef Devon Davis

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